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Organizational Overview:

Omega Healthcare Management Services Private Limited provides healthcare administrative services. The company offers medical coding, medical billing, revenue cycle management, accounts receivables management, claims processing & healthcare analytics.

  • Industry: Healthcare Facilities/Services
  • Founded: 2003
  • HQ: United States
  • Omega Contact Info: Web: https://www.omegahms.com/, Mail: info@omegahms.com


With the organization having an administrative background, the hiring is very high. 7000+ employees are hired every month. With this comes the challenge to maintain additional employees documents as well.

  • Track & follow-up on employee records. As not all documents are submitted by the new employees at the time of induction.
  • Securely sharing employee documents with the background verification team or internal/external auditors.
  • HR needed to maintain physical records for compliance purposes, but accessing employee records digitally for internal references.
  • Capturing employee documents coming from multiple sources (For example offer letter from ERP system, joining document from homegrown application & physical documents submitted during joining).
  • Manual task involved in moving employee documents, during employee location change or exiting the company.
  • Each employee document had to be manually tagged with employee metadata with a 5 member team ( For example employee ID, employee location…etc), before uploading into their existing legacy DMS.


  • Centralized cloud-based storage for all employee records.
  • MIS report dashboard to track count of each employee document uploaded into WeP DMS & automated email notification to employee and HR for any missed employee records.
  • Dedicated partner space to securely share employee records. Here we maintain an audit trail of document viewed/downloaded/emailed.
  • Advance search feature to search & retrieve employee documents through file name/content /metadata-based search.
  • WeP DMS has been integrated with a mission-critical applications to push employee documents coming from various sources into the system. This has eliminated the need for a 5 member team to index & upload the employee document into the employee record management system.
  • WeP DMS workflow automation tracks any employee movements & moves their document automatically into a specified folder.
  • WeP also managed the migration of their existing employee document to WeP DMS.


Centralized secured document storage, MIS report, workflow automation, advanced search & integration with mission-critical apps has helped Omega Healthcare to manage their high volume hiring onboarding process & employee records compliance with ease.

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