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Transform Your IT Asset

Streamline Tracking and Boost Efficiency.

No More

Wasted Time

Lost Assets Search

IT Overspending

Compliance Headaches

Security Concerns

Lack of Visibility & Control

Say Hello to Operational Excellence

No More

Wasted Time

Lost Assets Search

IT Overspending

Compliance Headaches

Security Concerns

Lack of Visibility & Control

Say Hello to Operational Excellence

What is fluidMap – IT Asset
Tracking and Management?

Discover a tailored and scalable solution that enables seamless asset tracking and management, empowers efficient IT operations, and facilitates streamlined workflows for enterprises, simplifying your asset management processes. Our platform leverages advanced tracking technologies and asset management tools as fundamental building blocks, providing you with ready-to-use solutions to track and manage your IT assets effectively. Embrace the power of precision and control with our comprehensive solution.

We lead the way in IT asset tracking and management solutions, helping businesses optimize asset utilization, enhance security, and achieve operational excellence. Our scalable solutions automate asset tracking, streamline processes, and drive efficiency, keeping you ahead in the digital landscape.




Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Efficiently track and manage IT assets to boost productivity and streamline procurement. Optimize asset utilization, minimize downtime, and empower your workforce for business growth.

fluidmap-Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Save time &

With streamlined procurement process of IT assets

Optimal asset

Ensures maximum value and productivity from your technology investments.


By eliminating disruptions caused by misplaced or underutilized assets.

Enhanced Security and
Data Protection

In the “anytime, anywhere” culture, security is crucial. Our asset tracking solutions prioritize data protection and prevent unauthorized access. With robust security measures and proactive risk mitigation, we ensure compliance and safeguard your valuable IT assets.

fluidmap-Enhanced Security and Data Protection

Robust asset

Provide a strong defense to protect your valuable assets.

Data protection

Safeguard your sensitive information from unauthorized access.


With regulations and industry standards.

Cost Optimization and Asset
Lifecycle Management

In the “anytime, anywhere” culture, we strategically manage your IT assets to maximize ROI. Our services optimize costs, prevent over-purchasing, and extend asset lifespan. From procurement to retirement, we ensure value extraction throughout the asset lifecycle.

Real cost savings


In implementing strategies to optimize asset management


Processes for efficient asset acquisition


Plans to maximize asset value extraction


Faster Approvals


Reduced Process Cycle time


Improved Employee Productivity


Faster Approvals


Reduced Process Cycle time


Improved Employee Productivity

Why Choose fluidMap
IT Asset Management?

With fluidMap, you can effectively track and manage your IT assets, ensuring real-time visibility and control. Our solution helps optimize asset utilization, streamline procurement processes, and minimize downtime. Additionally, fluidMap provides robust security measures, compliance assurance, and data protection, ensuring the safety of your sensitive information. By choosing fluidMap, you can enhance productivity, make informed decisions, and achieve operational excellence in managing your IT assets.

Real-time asset tracking

99% asset utilization rate

50% reduction in downtime

Enhanced security and compliance

24/7 remote asset monitoring

95% procurement process optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

What is fluidMap and how does it work?

fluidMap is WepSol’s advanced IT asset management and tracking solution. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide real-time visibility into your IT assets, enabling you to monitor their status, location, and usage. It works by employing a combination of asset tagging, tracking software, and robust reporting capabilities.

What types of assets can fluidMap track and manage?

fluidMap can track and manage various types of IT assets, including hardware devices such as computers, servers, networking equipment, and mobile devices. It can also handle software assets, licenses, and other digital resources within your organization.

Can fluidMap integrate with existing IT systems and software?

Yes, fluidMap is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing IT systems and software. It can integrate with popular asset management tools, ticketing systems, and other enterprise software, allowing for efficient data sharing and streamlining workflows.

How does fluidMap enhance security for IT assets?

fluidMap incorporates robust security measures to enhance the protection of your IT assets. It includes features such as asset tagging for easy identification, access control to prevent unauthorized access, and real-time alerts for suspicious activities. Additionally, it enables compliance with data protection regulations to ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive information.

Can fluidMap assist in optimizing asset utilization and reducing costs?

Absolutely! fluidMap provides valuable insights into asset utilization patterns, allowing you to identify underutilized or redundant assets. By optimizing asset allocation and eliminating unnecessary purchases, you can significantly reduce costs and improve overall resource efficiency.

Does fluidMap help with compliance and auditing requirements?

Yes, fluidMap simplifies compliance and auditing processes. It maintains detailed records of asset information, software licenses, warranties, and other relevant data. This helps you stay compliant with industry regulations, pass audits smoothly, and avoid penalties or fines.

Is fluidMap scalable to accommodate the growth of my organization?

Yes, fluidMap is designed to be scalable and flexible. Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, fluidMap can accommodate your organization’s growth and expanding IT asset needs. It can handle a growing number of assets and adapt to evolving technology landscapes.


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