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Digital transformation in banks has revolutionized the way customers and businesses can manage their finances. Increased efficiency and reduced costs while ensuring competent security measures are imperative considerations in the financial services industry.

In the banking and financial industry, high-level data security regulations help safeguard customer data and avoid data breach threats. Major data breaches in recent years have necessitated the implementation of improved security measures. However, when considering enhanced security, printers and copiers are often overlooked. Traditional printing does not have robust security mechanisms to secure data, which results in increased prices and wastes time and resources. Such outdated printing practices often result in misdirected print jobs and lost documents, which increases the demand for secure print solutions. Furthermore, access to confidential documents by unauthorized personnel is a high-risk factor in financial organizations. By 2022, the average cost of global data breach in the financial sector rose to USD 5.97 million, from USD 5.72 million in 2021.

How to Resolve Printing Challenges and Security Issues in the Financial Services Industry

Any financial stakeholder should explore modern-day print solutions to overcome security issues, right at the onset of the digital transformation journey. Secure printing solutions provides an extra layer of protection by enabling user authentication before printing any document.

It is possible to significantly reduce printing costs while maintaining high security standards with secure print solutions. Every print job is sent to the intended printer and remains secure till authenticated thereby reducing paper & toner wastage and doing away with time spent on reprinting documents. Thus sensitive documents are never left unsupervised at the printer – instead, they only get printed when the authorized user is present to collect them.

How Managed Print Services can help the Financial Sector?

Managed print services are the ideal solution to streamlining organizational printing needs, optimize existing and new print infrastructure to improve productivity, reduce costs, and ensure document security with full support and service across India.

Banks and financial institutions looking for cost-effective ways to protect their printed documents should consider Managed Print Services. With these services, you can ensure the security of your documents and monitor device usage, automated consumable replacement, printer health and other supportive measures for greater efficiency.

The advantages of managed print services include hassle free maintenance, remote monitoring and tracking and even reduced carbon footprint.

Significant Features of Smart Managed Print Services

You never have to worry about a printing emergency with managed print services. Printer jams, toner ink replacements, device repairs and such troubleshooting issues are handled efficiently for smooth operations.

  1. Secure Printing: Built-in features like PIN codes, staff cards, and biometrics for identification, financial institutions can rest assured that access to vital documents is restricted to only authorized users. Creating custom access rules to enhance security around printing is also possible with smart managed print services.
  2. Green Printi: Managed print services are the perfect solution for businesses focusing on sustainability as the smart digital printing process enables to reduce environmental impact, ensure security, and save resources such as paper, ink, and electricity.
  3. Centralized Print Management: With smart managed print services, you can streamline handling multi-site printing needs and complex jobs. Enjoy enterprise-wide control and monitoring through a powerful solution that authenticates users and regulates volumes for multiple print devices.
  4. Reduce Printing Costs: Managed Print Services facilitate reducing print expenditure even up to 30%. With robust monitoring and optimizing capabilities, you will need fewer printers and fewer resources.

WeP Managed Print Services

With a brand-agnostic approach, Wep Managed Print Services has enabled many organizations to optimize their print infrastructure, resulting in improved productivity, security, and cost savings.

These services ensure security and maximum uptime for printers yet remain affordable.

Benefits of WeP Managed Print Services

With WeP’s secure printing solutions, businesses can ensure safety and reduce costs by eliminating printing waste. This solution provides mobile, email, and digital printing capabilities that streamline operations. In addition, businesses benefit from premium security, better printer management, protecting the environment and better data control.

  1. Cut your CAPEX with a custom solution
  2. Optimize print infrastructure with the Wep device monitoring tool
  3. Safeguard print data with Wep secure print solutions
  4. Personal documents reach authorized people only
  5. Minimize the number of printers and eradicate waste printing
  6. Enhance efficiency with load balancing
  7. Track usage from the central location
  8. Save paper, toner, and electricity by dipping extra prints
  9. Enable contactless printing
  10. Follow Me Print functionality

Wep Secure Print Solutions

With Wep Secure Print Solutions, users can send confidential documents to a network printer and issue print only when in proximity to the device, providing an added layer of security, boosting efficiency, and enabling compliance.