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Dedicated to empowering organization for over two decades, we navigate changing landscapes with innovative solution that spur growth and elevates work environments.

Who We Are

A relentless partner.
Challenger of status quo.
Attacker of workplace productivity limits.

We are a team of passionate professionals, technologists and scale architects, dedicated to digital transformation of the fluidic workplace. Dedicated to enable potential, enrich experiences and empower productivity. 
We are dedicated to elevate work.

We are wepsol

Growth advances here

At Wepsol, we think digital workplace transformation is challenging and inspiring work. We stimulate thinking, experiment with technologies, push the limits and expand expertise, so that our people are empowered to do impactful work. Work which includes scaling, innovating, securing and modernizing workplaces, which soon buzz with productivity and mutual growth.

Work elevates here

In the global fluidic workplace, skills, expertise and their demand is dispersed geographically. We believe  that the enterprises have to be agile, digital and adapt to this fluidic workplace. Enterprises need to enable connection and collaboration to create better work outcomes while delivering exceptional employee and customer experience. We exist to transform the workplace and elevate work.

Ideas progress here

We thrive on understanding the unique challenges faced by our customers. and creating tailor-made solutions that meet their specific needs. We know that great outcomes are a result of co-ideation. Cool ideas spring up when we encourage multiple thoughts, and voices and promote the testing of ideas.

Our Culture

We strive to enable a culture which is client and people-centric, where every constituent is an owner. We were born as the largest employee-owned corporate in the country. We pride ourselves in a place where every spirited talent can succeed by passionately participating in driving success for our clients. We value ideas, continuous learning, active participation and committed work ethics. We also espouse fitness and fun as an essential part of our vibrant work ethos.

Our Core Values

Guiding us on our work, is our values which shapes our culture.


A passion and commitment to make our clients successful.


We will challenge status quo, think differently, experiment, seek solutions & continuously improve.


We respect, trust and collaborate with our diverse stakeholders.


Unyielding ethics in all our conduct. We will deliver what we promise.


Our creeds is a set of principles which define us. The cultural core of our organization are the values and behavioural competencies – a set of principles, personality attributes and characteristics. These competencies are expected of every wepsol employee and measured. They are used every day in the way we approach our tasks.

Our Leadership

Ashok Tripathy

Ashok Tripathy


Crusader, challenger, collaborator. Ashok has driven global transformations, accelerated scale and crafted turnarounds.

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Sandeep K Goyal

Sandeep K Goyal


The numbers ninja behind whose calm exterior lies a sharp mind and a relentless drive for success.

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Nisar Shah

Nisar Shah

Head Enterprise Business

A devout customer advocate and nurturer of long-term business relationships, Nisar is a professional our clients bank on.

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Ciju Raj

Ciju Raj

Head Partner Business

Obsessed with creating revenue streams, Ciju is always on move, on the hunt for opportunities to conquer.

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Amit Singh

Amit Singh

Head IT Managed Services

A pro in IT infrastructure, with tech smarts and an entrepreneurial spirit, a problem-solving wizard and crafter of service design.

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S Venkat

S Venkat

Head Tech Engineering

An IT pro with 15+ years of experience in global tech, and driving Agile scrum development teams to unprecedented success.

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Savya Ravi

Savya Ravi

Head Marketing & Communications

A multifaceted marketing specialist crafts dynamic marketing strategies, acing corporate communications and new age marketing.

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Our Journey

WeP was established as a vital part of Wipro's domestic IT Business.
WeP partnered with Epson to set up its very first factory in Mysore.
We underwent a significant transformation, becoming an autonomous, employee-owned company.
We took a pioneering step by launching the 'Print and Save' Managed Printing Services Model.
Establishment of WeP's second factory, nestled at the foothills of the Himalayas in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.
WeP Solutions Limited was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.
Ventured into the realm of automation, offering ERM and DMS for Digital Workplace Services.
WeP: An authorized GST Suvidha provider (GSP) offering GST, e-Invoice, and E-Way bill solutions.
Underwent a congeneric merger, consolidating three distinct businesses into one.


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