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Employee Records Management

Prioritize Your Greatest Asset –
Your People.

Efficiently organize and safeguard your employees’ vital information.

Employee Records management Solution

Go beyond paper trails and replace manual record-keeping with digital workflows, saving time and effort. Streamline and secure your HR operations, eliminating inefficiencies in managing your most valuable asset, your people. Our cutting-edge ERM system ensures accurate, compliant, and secure employee records, freeing up resources while maintaining compliance with data protection regulations and industry standards. Fostering an agile and efficient HR department with Wepsol’s ERM solutions helps you unleash the true potential of your workforce.

Employee Onboarding

Wepsol’s Employee Onboarding Automation empowers you to create a memorable and efficient onboarding experience for new hires. Foster a sense of value and inclusion with streamlined workflows, personalized engagement, and enhance HR productivity. Heighten the employee experience and set the stage for a lasting relationship with cohesive company culture from day one.

Outcomes We Deliver

Faster and smoother employee onboarding cycle

Wepsol Employee Onboarding automation ensures onboarding tasks and approvals progress seamlessly. HR personnel can focus on strategic aspects of onboarding while reducing time and effort in data entry, document generation, approval routing, and email sending.

Customization and scalability

Customize and configure your employee onboarding journey to suit your business needs and scale up or down as your workforce evolves.

Cost savings and better ROI

Wepsol Employee Onboarding allows efficient use of HR resources which translates to cost savings. Reduced administrative overhead and associated costs with digital onboarding reduce paper usage and associated expenses, contributing to cost savings and promoting sustainable practices.

Integration and automation

Wepsol Employee Onboarding solution automates and integrates your employee onboarding process with integrates with HRIS (Human Resources Information System) and LMS (Learning Management System), allowing for an error-free transfer of data and training materials.

Compliance and risk management

Wepsol Employee Onboarding ensures compliance with policies, regulations, and standards, reduces risk, and maintains an audit trail of transactions.

Employee engagement and retention

Our Employee Onboarding solution creates a well-orchestrated onboarding experience that fosters a sense of belonging and commitment, increasing employee engagement and retention.

Employee Records Management

Wepsol’s ERM software sets the stage for a paradigm shift in HR operations, ushering streamlined efficiency, data integrity, and elevated employee management practices. Embrace this future-aligned solution, to access your digital personnel files anytime, anywhere, and stay on top of your HR tasks and obligations.

Outcomes We Deliver

Fast and frictionless

Wepsol Employee Records Management automates tasks like data entry, document generation, approval routing, and email sending, reducing time and effort. It also offers real-time visibility and alerts for employee document status.

Access and retention of records

Wepsol Employee Records Management stores and accesses electronic personnel files in a centralized location, allowing for easy remote access. It also enables customizable retention of employee records.

Savings and improved ROI

Wepsol ERM saves operational expenses by eliminating physical storage and reducing administrative efforts associated with paper-based documentation. Accurate employee data increases productivity by decreasing the possibility of expensive errors like payroll mistakes or compliance violations.

Search and retrieval of records

Our ERM solution simplifies document retrieval with advanced search, real-time previews, and dashboard reports.

Compliance and risk management

Our solution ensures compliance with policies, regulations, and standards while preventing fraud, errors, disputes, data breaches, and legal issues. It also maintains an audit trail for reference.

Data security and confidentiality

Wepsol ERM safeguards confidential employee data with encryption, passwords, and HTTPS. It offers e-lockers for added protection against unauthorized access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Employee Records Management (ERM) solution enhance the employee onboarding experience?

Our ERM solution streamlines the onboarding process by digitizing onboarding forms and documents, automating workflows, and providing a centralized platform for HR teams to manage employee information. This ensures a seamless onboarding experience, reducing paperwork, eliminating manual errors, and enabling HR teams to focus on delivering a personalized and efficient onboarding experience.

How does the ERM solution ensure data security and compliance?

Wepsol’s ERM solution prioritizes data security and compliance through secure cloud storage, role-based access control, audit trails, and compliance checklists, addressing vulnerabilities and safeguarding employee records from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Can the ERM solution be customized to align with our organization's specific requirements?

Yes, our ERM solution is highly customizable. It allows organizations to tailor the data fields, workflows, and permissions to align with their specific needs and processes. This flexibility ensures that the solution can adapt to the unique requirements of different organizations, enabling a customized and efficient employee records management system.

How does the ERM solution facilitate compliance with data protection laws?

Our ERM solution provides features such as data encryption, access controls, and audit trails, which help organizations meet data protection requirements. It keeps your employee data safe, only lets the people who need to see it access it, and has the right measures to prevent any misuse of sensitive information. By using the ERM solution, organizations can simplify compliance with data protection laws and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of employee records.

Does the ERM solution offer reporting and analytics capabilities?

With ERM, HR teams can generate comprehensive reports on compliance status, onboarding and offboarding activities, document status, and data integrity. The solution also provides analytics to identify trends in employee data, including retention rates and training effectiveness. These insights help HR teams make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and gain actionable insights for strategic workforce management.

What kind of support is available for the ERM solution?

We provide dedicated support for our ERM solution. You can count on our team of experts to help you set up, solve any technical issues, and answer any questions or worries you may have. We strive to ensure a smooth and successful experience for our customers by providing comprehensive support throughout their journey with our ERM solution.


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