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How A Brand-Agnostic Mps Supplier Can Benefit Your Company!

In most firms, printing is an essential business function. However, there are variations in the approach that a business adopts to fulfill its printing needs. The process that a firm selects affects printing costs, the efficiency with which the firm meets its printing needs, its productivity, and the efficiency of the workflow.

A firm’s solution for its printing requirements should be tailored to its specific needs and employees’ work requirements.

What is Managed Print Service?

Managed Print Service (MPS) is a printing solution provided by a third-party print vendor that takes care of and optimizes a firm’s complete printing requirements. Typically, an MPS vendor provides needs assessment, the printing devices (printers, scanners, copiers, and faxes), replenishes printing consumables, and performs preventive/breakdown maintenance. A managed print service provider also helps keep track of the utilization of the printing devices, problems, and user satisfaction. The contracting firm can improve efficiencies and reduce costs by availing printing life cycle management through MPS.

The Value of a Brand-Agnostic MPS Provider

Brand agnostic MPS providers such as WeP Solutions provide a lot of value to firms that require printing solutions, besides just providing printers on rent.

Printers are segmented based on their speed and the functionality they provide. Brand agnostic MPS providers have the most known manufacturers of printers. A particular multi-function device might print, copy and scan while printing at the rate of 25 pages per minute. Another device designed for high-volume output might print 150 pages per minute. Most major manufacturers will have print solutions for each segment with different performance levels.

Device performance varies per model and on the specific application. Some devices may print well but might not scan efficiently. Another device might provide many plug-and-play applications but come with many service issues.

A good brand-agnostic MPS provider such as WeP Solutions has a selection of the best products for a variety of specific printing needs from different manufacturers. Brand agnostic service providers have the best-in-class devices because they are not expected to support every print need with devices from any one manufacturer. As an MPS user, your firm benefits from deploying the best machine for your printing needs. The firm, therefore, is not limited by any one manufacturer that the MPS provider can offer for your managed IT services needs. Smaller

MPS providers might not fulfill the minimum purchasing criteria required for supporting multiple brands. Such providers are then limited in the IT managed service they can offer because they can help only one or, at best, two brands. Such MPS providers will be constrained in providing you not the best solution but the only solution they have.

Also, suppose your firm decides to acquire an upgraded software solution that works only with a specific brand, you become locked in with that brand. If other manufacturers offer superior solutions, your firm cannot take advantage of the better solution, resulting in a loss of investment. A brand agnostic MPS provider will enable you to avail of the best solutions from the best manufacturers for each printing application.

What are the benefits of Brand-Agnostic Managed Print Services?

  • Printing Needs Analysis. Although your firm might be capable of analyzing its printing needs, it is not the best use of its time. A brand-agnostic MPS provider has specialized knowledge of printing devices from multiple manufacturers and their integration methods – to advise you on the best solution for your needs at the most affordable price.
  • Eliminate ‘Local’ Printers. Local printers are not networked and serve a single user. Typically, ‘local’ printers are inefficient and expensive to use. Each printer might use a different cartridge, complicating the purchasing and inventory-tracking requirement.
  • Streamlined Printer Layout. It is important to plan the layout of printers for easy accessibility for an optimal number of employees. Poor layout planning causes the employees to have to walk across the firm for their printing requirements – adversely affecting productivity at work. MPS providers help streamline the layout — smoothening workflow, and maximize device usage.
  • Efficiency Improvement. MPS providers also help identify inefficient devices and plan their replacement with better-performing devices. With their specialized knowledge, MPS providers will be able to track your printing history and suggest the best solution to meet your business goals at the best price.
  • Consumables Delivery Automation. MPS providers monitor the devices and automate the delivery of consumables such as toner cartridges. The MPS providers help raise productivity by obviating device downtime owing to delayed consumables supply.
  • Predictability in Operations. Availing of the services of an MPS provider enables a predictable workflow — without unexpected maintenance surprises. Predictable printing cost empowers the firm to plan for consistent annual/monthly investments.
  • Enhanced Security. For secure operations, safeguarding confidential business information is critical. It is often vital to exercise control over access to documents and printers. MPS providers can supply printing security software to reduce security vulnerabilities. For example, the devices can be set up to activate print jobs only with the employee’s card, ensuring that the printed document is not lying unattended in the output tray.
  • Remote Printing Management. MPS providers can help set up, maintain, and provide help-desk support for the firm’s remote printing requirements to support its remote working needs.
  • Allied Services. The MPS provider trains the client firm’s employees on the best device capabilities and provides help-desk support for any printing-related issues.

Managed Print Service providers can customize their solutions to meet a client firm’s business goals best. The MPS provider frees up the in-house IT personnel to focus on priority core business-related tasks by offering a complete print solution. An MPS partner improves productivity, reduces printing costs, and enhances the firm’s ability to manage its printing needs efficiently.

WeP Solutions Limited, with its Managed Printing Services, helps reduce your printing costs by up to 29%. WeP Group of companies with a group turnover of over INR 3000 million (USD 60 million) has constantly evolved and reinvented itself. It is a leader in the digital printing space and has consistently brought to the Indian market new disruptive solutions.WeP Solutions is the partner you can trust to manage your printing needs.