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Smart and sustainable businesses are those that empower their employees to focus on core functions. This not only helps contribute to the bottom line but also enhances employee satisfaction. If issues are not addressed timely, they can grow into some serious potential distractions that can result in diminished efficiency and productivity of your employees. 

One such issue is the company’s print ecosystem that often gets overlooked. The printing demands of an organization grow with its size. It is a huge overhead and mostly unknown to businesses. Organizations are losing on time, effort, and money on the following: 

  • Time spent fixing paper jams
  • Waiting time on service
  • Repair costs
  • Paper wastage
  • Other cartridge and print-related problems 

The most efficient way to control the cost and printing service outages occurring due to obsolete printers and their bad maintenance is by considering a Managed Print Service (MPS) provider. With MPS in place, you will have access to state-of-the-art print technologies, minimal downtime, and effective maintenance plans – these result in cost optimization and increased employee satisfaction. 

Why Do you need MPS? 

It is said that an average office employee generates over 10K (Ref. Link) prints of paper in a year! It’s certainly not a small number considering the team size, especially if is not small. If you think this is a shocking statistic, you must look for some more. Research done by Quocirca (Ref.Link 1&Link 2 ) reveals some not-so-expected statistics and trends about the younger workforce: 

  • 74% of the 18-34 age group think print to be essential.
  • 77% of IT decision-makers in the 18-34 age group expect print to be important to their business in 2025. 
  • 82% of this category think print is important today but only 54% believe it will be important in 2025. 

Why are these statistics important? Because 75% of the workforce will be represented by the millennials (18-34 age group).

Your company’s print process is a significant expense, almost about 3% (Ref. Link) of your total revenue. It cannot be ignored – this is where having a partner becomes a huge advantage! 

Moreover, the office print specialists are knowledgeable about implementing smart, efficient, and cost-saving strategies. They ensure to customize and make it work for your business needs. 

With their experience and support, you can expect to see the following:

  • Print Reduction
  • Printer Fleet Rightsizing
  • Efficient Print Environment Designs
  • Solutions for Cost Reduction
  • Enhanced Security Against Cyberattacks 

Managed Print Services Benefits 

Almost about 90% (Ref. Link) of businesses don’t realize how much is their print expense. The managed print service providers have insights to assess the print expense. Hence, they can help you calculate the costs, and save up to 30 percent of the total expense. Managed print can also help businesses streamline their print processes and increase efficiency. One of the main reasons for high print costs is the absence of a print strategy. Consider your own office. Do you print one-sided or on both sides? Do you print in black and white or color? Who orders supplies when they run out? Who places service calls when the printer isn’t working? If you’re not able to answer these questions, you’re spending time and money on the print that you could be saving with an MPS solution, and the same goes for your customers. 

With an MPS solution, providers take care of supplies and service fulfillment so end users don’t have to worry about placing orders or making service calls. On top of that, MPS providers help end users optimize their print environment by consolidating devices, replacing old ones that may be costly to manage, and defining print practices so end users can save money on print. But end-users aren’t the only ones who benefit from MPS. 

WeP Managed Print Services WeP is one of the best-managed print services providers. They have achieved many feathers in their cap, including the following: 

  • India’s largest and most preferred MPS provider. 
  • India’s No.1 MPS provider, twice in a row – by IBC, USA.
  • More than 500 large and small-medium customers.
  • More than 25000 machines were installed.
  • 99% customer retention score. 

How WeP Solutions Work 

WeP Solutions not only provides a print management system by deploying various types of imaging devices but also provides it on the existing devices of the clients. A thorough assessment of the existing print infrastructure is done before deployment. All the solutions are highly customized based on the customer’s need and the requirement to help reduce costs and have a greater ROI. 

Here is the overview of the WeP MPS implementation process: 

  1. Need Assessment and Due Diligence: WeP determines the optimum future state through insights from fact-based analysis of the current state.
  2. Plan and Propose: WeP makes a viable long-term plan, sets expectations, and creates the roadmap.
  3. Deploy and transition: Implements solutions seamlessly with minimal impact and maximum organizational benefit.
  4. Manage and Innovate: Increase efficiency and improve workflow to keep your business working—today and tomorrow. 

Minimize your Carbon Footprints with WeP MPS 

With the supply of eco-friendly printers, monitored and controlled printing environment, and processing of e-waste ensuring used printers, consumables, spares do not go to the landfill if partnered with a professional e-waste management company. WeP helps organizations save costs, reduce wastage and manpower and increase productivity and ROI. 

Some of the managed print services advantages that you gain while partnering with WeP: 

  • Reduces direct and indirect cost
  • Defines and implements print policy
  • Enhances print security
  • Eliminated multiple channel contracts
  • Customized solutions to meet PAN India presence
  • Single window solution
  • Proactive management of print infrastructure
  • Enhance user experience and increase printer availability
  • Eliminates wastage and reduce environmental impact 
  • You pay for what you print 

If you care about reducing your print expense, you must partner with a managed print services company that has many years of experience in creating and implementing print solutions. And with all the benefits and expertise discussed above, WeP is your best bet to optimize your print expenses through their enterprise print management solutions.