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HR departments are often tasked with maintaining and managing employee records across multiple systems, making it difficult to get all the information in one place. An HR document management system can help solve this problem by automatically collecting and organising all of your employee documents into one centralised system that’s easy to access and update, whether you need to create new records or edit existing ones.

What is HR Document Management Software (DMS)?

HR document management software (or HR DMS) is an electronic system designed to improve productivity and efficiency in an organization’s human resources department. The best HR DMS solutions provide a centralized document repository where employees can easily access all their forms, documents, policies, and procedures—no matter what device they’re using or where they are located. They also offer advanced search functionality that helps users quickly find specific documents when needed.

Why does every HR department need document management software?

Your office is probably cluttered with employee handbooks, policies, and procedure manuals as HR. You can keep these documents in a filing cabinet. Another way is to manage them from a centralized repository that your staff can access anywhere. 

This makes it easier for employees to find the information they need quickly. This also ensures you’re using up-to-date versions of each document so that everyone can access current information. It also helps you organise all your documentation, so you don’t have redundant or outdated material floating around.

How do you choose the best HR document software?

The best HR document management software will streamline internal processes, allow employees access to all necessary information, and provide useful features like audit history, alert notification, customised workflow process, etc. When choosing an HR document management system, you’ll want to look at several features to make your life easier. Some benefits of HR software include:

Centralised Employee Files:The most common type of HR document management software is a centralised employee file that stores all employee-related documents in one place. It’s like a digital file cabinet where you can quickly find any piece of information you need. 

Compliance Assistance:Make sure your document management software offers features that will help you stay compliant with any regulations or laws that affect your business. 

● Secure and Private Document Storage:When choosing an HR document management software, look for features that will help you keep your documents safe and private. The most common options include password protection, encryption, two-factor authentication, user access levels, audit trails, data backup services, etc. 

Sharing Spaces: One thing to consider when choosing an HR document management software is whether it offers sharing spaces or spaces where multiple users can work on documents simultaneously. These features can be especially helpful if you have a team that works together on projects regularly, such as in a marketing department or customer service team. 

● Reporting Dashboards:Reporting dashboards can be especially helpful if you need to report on specific metrics or compare data over time. These dashboards can also help you track employee performance or monitor progress toward goals to spot any issues before they become problems. 

● Integration: Another thing to consider when choosing an HR document management software is whether it offers integration with other systems you use, such as payroll or benefits administration software. This can be especially helpful if you already have a system in place and don’t want to have to switch over completely.

What are the benefits of document management software?

The benefits of using such software are numerous: reduced clutter, better security and control over sensitive data, increased accessibility by employees who need those files regularly—and much more.

Here are the top 5 key benefits of document management software for HR departments.

  • Reduce Clutter:The first major benefit is the reduction of clutter. Some organisations have hundreds, even thousands, of files stored in cabinets or on various drives. This can be a significant problem when those files contain sensitive information like employee tax forms. Using document management software, you can easily create folders and sub-folders to organise documents and make it easy to search through your entire collection. You also won’t need to worry about employees losing important documents because everything will be organised and easily accessible to everyone who needs it.
  • Better Security: Another key benefit of employee document management software is better security and control over sensitive data. Many organisations store sensitive information like Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, bank details, etc., on their hard drives, which are vulnerable to hackers. When you use a document management system, you can ensure that all your files are secure because they’re stored in a central location and are accessible to authorised employees.
  • Increased Accessibility:The third significant benefit of employee document management software is increased accessibility by employees who need those files regularly. Employees can access documents from anywhere, at any time, which means they can work from home or even on vacation without worrying about losing important information. Employees also won’t have to waste time looking through cabinets and drives to find what they need; it will be right there when they log in.
  • Centralised Document Repository:The best HR document management system is a centralised repository that allows you to share important documents with your team members, regardless of their location or device. A centralized document repository benefits from cutting down on paper and mailing costs and improving efficiency and productivity by eliminating redundant tasks like emailing files back and forth.
  • Increased Efficiency:The final benefit of employee document management software is increased efficiency in your organisation overall. By streamlining processes like file sharing, employees will spend less time looking for files they need. They’ll log in to their accounts and access them.

How WeP HR Document Management software can save time and increase an organization’s productivity

WeP’s HR software can help increase productivity by keeping documents and records in one central location. This helps save time, as it is much easier to find and retrieve documents when they are all in one place. Here are some benefits of using WebP HR document Management software:

Fast & secure retrieval of records

● Centralised data storage

● Advanced search capability with metadata

● Seamless collaboration with employees

● Seamless collaboration with partners

● Easy integration with third-party applications


Document management software is a vital piece of your company’s HR department and it can deliver some exceptional benefits. If you’re looking to improve efficiency in your HR department, you should consider implementing a document management software today!