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For businesses to work efficiently, a proper business plan with a budget is necessary. It is important to track the printing costs and one should also take measures to reduce them. For every business, a part of its revenue is spent on printing and sending documents, making a considerable difference in the organisation’s overall budget.

By following some simple ways of reducing the printing costs, companies can make incredible savings.

Why is it Important to Save on Printing Costs?

Whether a small or large business, reducing the overall printing costs ultimately benefits the business in the long run. It is often ignored by businesses but is one of the best ways for saving significant costs and decreasing carbon footprint.

By applying efficient practices such as installing a Managed Print Service (MPS), your organisation’s printing devices are optimised for achieving maximum efficiency and productivity. By improving the security of the network, you can save up to 30% on the overall printing costs.

10 Tips for Businesses to Reducing Printing Costs!

The more knowledge you have about printing, the more you can reduce the printing costs. Here are the following tips that will help you in reducing the printing costs:

1. Smart Software Solution

Use a smart Print Management Software solution that ensures cost savings in setting up soft and hard printing rules. The soft rules inform the end-users about how much they can save by opting for black and white, duplex printing and one-sided printing. The hard rules encourage your employees for making smart decisions and abiding by specific guidelines.

2. Consider the Costs

Take into consideration what type of printer will be the most cost-effective for you, whether laser or inkjet. While the ink cartridges cost much lesser than the laser printers, the inkjet printers incur much lesser upfront costs.

3. Document Digitization

With the world getting digital every day, document automation and digital documentation come as the perfect solution for saving money and making paper-processes efficient. Instead of printing out hundreds of papers, creating a PowerPoint or PDF presentation and emailing it is a good idea for making a communication.

4. Black and White Printing

Instead of choosing to print in colour, a black and white or mono printing is a better idea to save costs. Avoid making colour prints unless it is necessary for handouts and worksheets.

5. Print Environment Optimisation

Your office print environment makes a difference in your print costs. Assessing your print environment from a Managed Print Service in terms of the number of printers you have in your office and dispersing fewer printers strategically throughout the office are some of the prerequisites for reducing the printing costs.

6. Print Less

A small decrease in the printing costs gives meaningful returns. Less printing requires lesser products like papers and toners and also reduces wear-and-tear on the print devices letting the print machine last longer without repair or replacement.

7. Follow Me Printing

Follow Me Printing is a software that requires a user to scan an ID, enter a PIN, or use a smart device for releasing print jobs for reducing the printing of unnecessary documents without hampering productivity.

8. Wireless Printing

Wireless printing can be set up by simply setting up your printer, logging in to the Wi-Fi connection and sending your print documents. It allows the office staff to manage appointments and printing easily.

9. Use High-Quality Paper

Using high-quality printing paper lets you get better printing results. It can incur upfront costs but will give you the best quality prints, helping you save money by eliminating the need for reprinting pages.

10. Switch to Managed Print Service

The Managed Print Services help you manage your toners, drums and cartridges reducing the print-related costs by up to 30% improving the productivity of your printer copier. MPS manages all the printing devices aspects such as printers, scanners and faxes. Optimising these devices enables businesses to save money, make less paper waste and enhance efficiency.

How to reduce Printing Costs by switching to Managed Print Services

An MPS allows you to control who can access sensitive information. The Managed Print Services allow businesses to cut down on their printing costs. They also provide recovery and security. It digitises your documents and centralises your document processing by reducing the output costs. Here are some of the ways you can reduce printing costs by switching to Managed Print Services.

1. Save Time

Managed Print Services allow your employees more time to focus on important tasks. Using it, you can focus on the things that matter such as meeting potential clients and managing staff for making your business successful.

You can be less concerned about your printers. A team of experts will be there at your end for the maintenance and repair of your devices and to optimise the organisation’s document processes.

2. All in One Contact Number

A reliable MPS provider wants to expect you to deal with multiple vendors separately every time for restocking on printing supplies. The MPS provider will always be just a call away helping you save time and energy.

3. Lesser Operational Expenses 

Managed Print Services offer many cost-effective benefits to your business. It monitors every printing activity, helps you understand accurate printing budget allocation, and prevents wastage of resources.

4. Go Green 

A Managed Print Service assists in making a transition to a paperless office, setting up cloud storage and opting for energy-efficient printing devices. Wasting on toner and ink is of no use. An MPS lets your employees print less and reduce paper waste with duplex printing.

5. No Cost Equipment 

The MPS lets you use advanced printers and technology to keep up with the changing technology leading to more savings. It does not require you to purchase updated equipment every time by leasing the best printers, copiers, and fax machines. When a change occurs, you need not purchase a new printer to keep up with the changing technology.

6. IT Services

Switching to managed print services frees your IT team so that they can focus more on the company’s data privacy and security and work on the issues in the workplace.

7. Backup Files 

An MPS ensures that your documents are safe during unfortunate events as all your files are backed up in the cloud. An MPS cloud service assures your documents’ safety if any digital incident occurs.

8. Lesser Cybersecurity Issues 

With an MPS, you don’t need to worry about the document and information security of your files as it safeguards your data during the data breaches at any given point in time.

Process of WeP Digital MPS on how it can help you on saving printing costs

WeP is your go-to Print Service Provider that helps you manage your printing service securely while you can focus on your business activities.

Our Managed Print Services help organizations improve their print infrastructure without making any capital investments as the printers are deployed at the customer’s premises reducing manpower and better productivity. We also offer Secure Printing and Cloud Printing solutions for reducing bottlenecks of data leakage and security.

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Printing costs are enormous within organisations but they are often ignored. Using the tips shared above can help you save money on printing and also improve overall organisational efficiency.

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