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Managed print services centralize all the printing work in an organization and helps in efficient management. Read here to know the top 7 reasons hospitals choose managed print services and how WeP is offering exclusive managed print services.

In hectic work environments such as hospitals and clinics, reliable and easy-to-use systems are required for printing prescriptions, bills, patient files, and other essential documents. For catering to these requirements, single and multi-function printers are most suitable. Most organizations do not use managed print services for healthcare printing and have little awareness of the number of printers they have, their location, the one using them, and the printing costs incurred.

An intelligent and centralized printing services management known as Managed Print Services (MPS) is recommended for handling the challenges in healthcare facilities.

What are the Printers Used for in Healthcare System?

Healthcare organisations spend so much time on administrative tasks such as assembling, retrieving and storing medical documents. Much of the hospital staff’s time is wasted in digitizing necessary documents, compiling multiple documents in a single file and distributing them according to HIPAA compliance.

Being associated with an independent MPS printer provider who knows hospital printing and imaging is vital for the healthcare organization’s success in improving efficiency cost-effectively.

Why do Healthcare Sectors Choose to Work with a Managed Print Service Provider?

A managed print service provider streamlines your record distribution, accounts for patient’s document costs, and archives them to the back-end systems allowing your office staff to focus on your patients with exclusive print management services.

A managed print service provider considers the printing, imaging equipment, maintenance, and support costs for businesses at multiple locations. It also helps your business digitize medical documents quickly and improve medical record efficiency.

How Managed Print Services Providers Can Assist Healthcare Providers?

Healthcare providers and patients need systems running 24/7. They also have to face challenges with mergers and acquisitions, cost control, improving efficiency, and government compliance. Managed printing services outline an infrastructure focusing on problematic areas where critical information is unsecured and inaccessible in the electronic medical record (EMR).

The right managed print services provider conducts a thorough assessment by determining whether the print devices are placed rightly in your organization’s areas to address the output needs and move the hard copies into the digital workflow efficiently. The MPS plan is customized with the needed redundancy and uptime.

What are the Benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS) for Healthcare Systems?

A Managed Print Solutions Software delivers vital documents to organizations 24/7 without unnecessary costs. The availability of accurate printed documents makes a difference in any healthcare facility. Here are the benefits and top seven reasons why hospitals choose managed print services.

  1. Improves Staff Efficiency

An MPS lets the medical staff focus on their patients as they are often over-occupied with the patients, especially during emergencies. It also reduces the number of vendors a facility deals with and minimises person-to-person contact, limiting the number of people in their facility and overall staff efficiency.

  1. Increases Security and Privacy

An MPS provides data security and privacy, vital for the healthcare industry. Moreover, healthcare providers can manage confidential records and ensure HIPAA compliance regulations regarding patient information with such a service. MPS also offers protection against printing sensitive information.

  1. Reduces Costs

MPS helps healthcare facilities manage their printing costs, determine printing needs, shift resources, and reduce the printing volume. MPS also offers time to time prediction for replacing toner, routine maintenance, and repairs letting you use the printing resources most cost-effectively.

A study reveals that an MPS can reduce costs related to printing in healthcare organisations by up to 27%, which applies to both the smaller and larger operations. 

  1. Reduces Downtime

Systems in healthcare facilities need to be running 24/7. MPS reduces the scheduled maintenance reducing the printer downtime as it makes the printers always available when needed.

  1. Auto Printer Cartridge Replacement

Managed Print Services provides auto replacement of printer cartridges and routine maintenance by assessing the printing needs in an organisation. As in the healthcare industry, the responsibilities are often dispersed among multiple departments, such as hardware and consumables purchases and maintenance & repair, resulting in inefficient use of devices and consumables.

  1. Precautionary Care

Managed Print Services ensure that everyone in the healthcare industry is getting the necessary documents, test reports, and payment records, efficiently enhancing the life span of the printer fleets. The healthcare industry staff understands that preventive care reduces costs and improves patients’ lives which applies to the printer fleets. 

  1. HIPAA Compliance

Managed print services help manage the regulatory requirements of HIPAA compliance without sacrificing productivity. Managed Print Services also assists the healthcare industry in meeting sustainability goals by offering energy-efficient options and the topmost healthcare.

How WeP Digital Managed Print Services Can Benefit To Health Care?

WeP is your one-stop managed print services company that gives you time to focus on growing your business securely.

WeP helps organisations improve their print infrastructure at a low Cost of Ownership and without any upfront investments.

Features that WeP Managed Printing Solutions Offers:

● Confidentiality and security of documents

● Contact Less Printing

● Cost control by eliminating wasteful printing resources

● Efficient Printer Management with load balancing & centrally managed printers

● Environment protection

● Streamlined workflows


A Managed Print solutions software allows an organisation to gain visibility and control of its printing needs and optimise it, which helps in efficiently saving money and printing. For tedious work environments such as healthcare units, an MPS printer is the perfect solution for taking care of all their printing needs.

For healthcare organisations who wish to make their printing process smoother, WeP digital is the best solution that they can opt for!

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