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The Cloud has changed the way organizations used to conduct business. Since it spread in no time, companies rapidly decided to shift to the Cloud-based model to implement better and more accurate solutions that can amaze the world in one go. As organizations continue to adopt the Cloud-based model while ditching the old model, one benefit that stands out is cost-efficiency.

What are Cloud-Based Managed Print Services?

When it comes to the printing industry, a similar concept is applied in training documents and printing marketing materials, sometimes called managed print services. Solutions like Cloud computing counterparts reduce the need for producing and deploying software and hardware. Cloud printing refers to the service which allows users to print from devices on the network.

Cloud printing is mainly based on the software-as-a-service, also known as the SaaS model, which delivers information digitally to the network point so that the printer can collect it. The Cloud printing services match up workstations and digital devices such as smartphones with the physical printer station. On the other hand, traditional cabled printing is flooded with issues regarding software drivers and several other compatibility tools that these systems need.

Using the Cloud print for meeting the print-on-demand needs allows businesses to reduce the overall cost of mass production while eliminating the requirement for procuring, deploying, and managing hardware and software. Compared to traditional printing services, Cloud print services are more eco-friendly as they minimize and even eliminate paper usage and carbon emissions from transportation. Online printing allows users to print easily from any location.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Managed Print Services

Cloud-based Managed Print Services offer tons of benefits. Here are some key benefits that every Managed Print Services company offers.

● Cost reduction

The traditional form of printing involves a lot of costs. In contrast, Cloud-based Print Management services are cost-effective as they avoid capital expenditure. The shift from the print servers to the Cloud lowers the financial burden and minimizes the energy costs from operating the on-premise print servers. These are mostly underutilized.

● Reduced IT burden

Generally, the third-party provider handles the Cloud print infrastructure, which allows IT, experts to drive their focus toward more strategic and complex situations rather than taking care of these matters. Through the central and single platform, printer drivers can be updated, profiles can be edited, and policies can be implemented easily.

● Support for the virtual computing environment

Since the overall workforce mobility elevates, the virtual computing environment becomes more prevalent. Several leading Cloud computing platforms promptly fix technical issues associated with providing access to print resources, which brings stability to the print infrastructure.

● Security and flexibility

Since printing has shifted to a Cloud-based model, it is more convenient to be done anywhere, at any device, and anytime. Through secure user authentication, jobs can be released easily from all print devices. Since most Cloud platforms are generally hosted by public providers, including Microsoft Azure or AWS, customers can relax and rely on them.

● Enhanced analytics

Several highly advanced Cloud print platforms offer analytics around printing usage and integrate the best breeding business intelligence tools, including Microsoft Power BI.

● Access to technological innovation

Today, the Cloud-based environment can easily adapt to the changing environment and the emerging needs of businesses. Several new functions are introduced and implemented either for users or their subsets. It also promotes easy and rapid delivery of required solutions, including security, digitization, and analytics. 

How Does the WeP Solution Work?

WeP is one of the leading printer management system services providing a platform to deploy several imaging devices, offering it at the user’s existing device. Before the deployment, a thorough assessment of the already existing print infrastructure is made. Based on the customer’s needs, the solutions are highly customized and designed to attract results while minimizing the overall cost.

As a leading Managed Print Services company, WeP Solutions offer the following solution implementation process:

  • Require Due Diligence and Assessment– Based on the figures and facts, WeP designs compatible solutions for the future, keeping the present in mind.
  • Plan and Purpose– Our experts in planning and executing. We curate achievable long-term plans, set required expectations, and form strategies to meet requirements.
  • Transition and Deploy– We are experts in suggesting and implementing solutions seamlessly with maximum benefit and minimum cost.
  • Innovate and Manage– We help improve the overall workflow and increase work efficiency to keep the business on track.

There’s a lot more about our Managed Print Services you can benefit from know more.